Minor Pot Arrests In New York City Are On The Decline

While the amount of marijuana-related arrests in New York City for the calendar year is still exponential, there has been a decline since the city Police Commissioner instructed offers to stop arresting citizens possessing small amounts of cannabis, reports The Wall Street Journal.

In New York City, fines and citations are supposed to be handed out to those who possess small amounts of cannabis–rather than actually taking the time to arrest and process these “criminals.” But prior to the September 19th mandate, arrests were up 13 percent to a mind-blowing 37,816 compared to last year’s figure.

It’s a small step for the city in the ongoing effort to slow down on petty, pointless arrests. Rather than spending their time (and the city’s money) arresting low-level offenders, police should be exerting their force to go after real criminals–not a bunch of hapless stoners.